Girbau invests in the start-up My Poppins
The technology platform that connects cleaning professionals to users
Girbau invests in the start-up My Poppins

Girbau has just signed off on its first investment in the start-up  My Poppins, the first marketplace for domestic services in the home.

This technology platform connects cleaning professionals to users. The development of this technology allows My Poppins to work in thousands of homes daily with no human intervention. 

My Poppins does not see itself as a cleaning company, but a technology tool to digitalise the world of household services.

Based at PIER 01 in Barcelona Tech City, it is starting out with the goal of operating in the main cities of Spain, Mexico and Latin America. In fact, it has just taken its first step to internationalisation in Mexico, where it is already operating.

My Poppins began working in 2017, providing services for a value of €200,000. It grew exponentially in 2018, providing as much as €1.1 million in services. It now has over 8,000 regular users who hire services, 800 Poppins active on the platform, provides an average of €140,000 in services a month and operates in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Palma.

With an initial investment of €450,000 and investors from ESADE, ECONOMISTAS BAN and IESE BAN, in December 2018 it completed a funding round worth €1M, attracting major investments from San Francisco, the Arab Emirates and family offices in Barcelona. Girbau has bought into the company, becoming the only corporate industrial shareholder.

This is Girbau’s first investment since setting up Girbau LAB in September 2018. This operation represents the firm's first experience of investing in a totally digital start-up operating on a market related to Girbau's industrial activity. The investment will bring Girbau important knowledge of digital business and the possibilities for generating business related to the laundry field to be run through platforms of this kind.


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